Saturday, 31 March 2012

For Sale: Set of 5 blank Indian Inspired Greeting Cards

My Indian culture really inspired me after my sister's wedding and so I created these blank mini greeting cards with a modern twist. I created my design in 5 different colours as the Indian culture is full of colour and so it was the perfect choice. 

My Indian inspired mini greeting cards. 
Why not send one to someone special to tell them you love them! 
© Sharonjeet Galsinh 2012. All rights reserved

These cards are perfect for any occasion and to give to those who like art, Indian culture, something modern or something colourful & vibrant. And so are left blank inside for you to write your own personal message. They would be perfect for mum, sister, friend, birthdays, thanks or simply just to tell someone you are thinking of them and love them. 

"I hope these cards make the receiver smile and realise how much you mean to them!"


Each card comes with a matching coloured C7 envelope. 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

New Art for Sale - "Sunset Kiss"

I'm excited to say I have just put my first piece of artwork up for sale in my new shop: 

Click to view "Sunset Kiss" in my new online Folksy shop

With Valentines Day not long gone, Love inspired me to create new artwork "Sunset Kiss." It's a print of my original watercolour painting of a couple in love against the setting sun. It was painted in my favourite colours of pinks and purples to emphasise the warm feeling of being in love. It can make a lovely handmade gift for a loved one, something that can always remind you of the love you have. It's also perfect for framing. 

"Sunset Kiss" print from my original watercolour painting.
This image is copyright protected. 
©  Sharonjeet Galsinh 2012

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Now Open - My online Arts & Photography shop!

I am excited to say my online shop is now open! So why not come and visit. 

Bright, colourful & vibrant paintings, prints, photography & cute mini greeting cards. I love capturing the world around me through photography & I love to express what I like about the world by painting. My paintings are inspired by love, nature & some have a whimsical style. I've now turned my artwork into mini greeting cards with matching coloured envelopes. They're really cute!

Keep a look out for my new artwork to be added soon! 

Monsoon Arts & Photography

Friday, 16 March 2012

Come Join Me!

Paintings. Prints. Photography. Children's projects. Worksheets. Art & photography tips & techniques. And really cute mini greeting cards!! 

Hello! I'm Sharon of Monsoon Arts & Photography. 
Come join me & follow my blog. 

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Monsoon Arts & Photography
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"I look forward to seeing you all!"

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Holi - The Indian Festival of Colour

Coloured powder paint ready to throw. © Copyright photo: 
It's HoliThe Indian festival of colour which marks the coming of Spring. It's tradition to light bonfires and roast grains, popcorn, coconut and chickpeas. Holi is a colourful festival, it's a time for fun, dancing and singing. People celebrate by going into the streets and throwing coloured powder and paints at each other. 

People celebrating in the streets of north India. © Copyright photo:

Hola Mahalla
Sikhs also celebrate where in the Punjab it's known as "Hola Mahalla" or the festival of Nihangs. Guru Gobind Singh started the festival for Sikhs to practice their military exercise and practice battles. Sikhs celebrate through martial arts led by Gurdwara nishan sahibs.

Nihangs - Sikh warriors celebrate Hola Mohalla with coloured powders, Punjab, India. 
© Copyright photo: 

Cleaning a pan ready for Hola Mohalla - the festival of Nihangs in Punjab, north India. 
© Copyright photo:   

History of Holi
It's believed that the festival's origin comes from Krishna who was a mischievous boy that threw coloured water over the milkmaids. The fun and jokes developed into Holi, the tradition of lighting bonfires symbolises good overcoming evil and is about the king's son prince Prahlad. His auntie Holika was immune from fire and tricked her nephew Prahlad into sitting on her lap in a bonfire to kill him. But as she was using her powers for evil, her plan failed, instead the flames killed Holika and Prahlab was unharmed. Today in some parts of India effigies of Holika are burned and the bonfires ashes are thought to bring good luck. 

The tradition of lighting bonfires in India symbolises good over evil. © Copyright photo:
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Friday, 2 March 2012

The Mountain

I came across this video The Mountain by TSO Photography

I really love these types of videos, the photography is pretty amazing. I do like to star gaze on a clear night but my equipment isn't as good as this! It's very inspiring so I thought I'd share. Please view: 

 © Video