Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Inspiring People - John Lennon

John Lennon is one person I find inspiration from and so both my sister and I were excited to spend a few days away in Liverpool last month to enjoy the cities arts & culture. Liverpool offered us an atmospheric insight into the life, culture and music of the iconic 1960s English rock band The BeetlesThe Beatles became one of the most successful bands of all time and gained fans around the world, Beatlemania still grips Liverpool to this day. The Beatles "revolutionized the sound, style, and attitude of popular music". 
"For young people in 1972, it was thrilling to see Lennon's courage in standing up to the US President. That willingness to take risks with his career and his life is one reason why people still admire him today". 
John Lennon tribute, Liverpool
File:John Lennon Peace Monument - PEACE ON EARTH - October 9th 2010.jpg
The John Lennon Peace Monument ‘Peace & Harmony’. Inscribed with the words “Peace on Earth for the Conservation of Life – In Honour of John Lennon 1940–1980.” 

The John Lennon Peace Monument unveiled in 2010 entitled ‘Peace & Harmony’ shows peace symbols, doves and a white feather. It's inscribed with the words “Peace on Earth for the Conservation of Life – In Honour of John Lennon 1940–1980”
John Lennon devoted the later part of his life to a worldwide peace movement. His message of peace is timeless and is one that is more relevant now than ever. 

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Season of Love

With Valentines Day just round the corner Love is in the air and so Love inspires me to create new artwork. We all like to be in love and to be loved, it's a warm welcome feeling in these dull dark winter days. A time to appreciate the love we have and let them know just how much. (But I do believe we should do this everyday & not just on Valentines Day!) So one way to show this love is with something handmade, a painting, something that can be kept, displayed & to always remind you of the love you have. So as I get inspired I'm thinking of new ideas for a love & Valentines themed print. So do revisit if you're looking for an extra gift for the love of your life this year. 

Love, Love, Love. 

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Like my Fan Page on Facebook

If you're a lover of arts, paintings, photography and mini greeting cards be a fan of my new look fan page on Facebook:

I have just started selling my paintings - inspired by nature, love & anything whimsical, photography & mini greeting cards with matching coloured envelopes all wrapped in resealable bags. Ideal to be used for any occasion & their mini size makes them really cute!


"I look forward to seeing you all online!"

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Inspired by my Indian Culture

My Indian culture really inspires me from the lively music, the colorful clothes, the food, the celebrations, the vibrant colors, the peace to the noisy bustling, chaotic city streets which are alive with people. My sister's wedding brought this out even more, I wore a sari which I loved & the wedding day was the inspiration for my Indian art below. 

I started sketching & came up with a few ideas, I simplified the design by taking the background out which also makes it more modern. Some of the sketches were painted using acrylic & others I did digitally. I created this design in different colors as Indians love color. These prints have also been made into greeting cards that can be used for any occasion. 

People tell me they like these Indian inspired designs as they're modern but still have an Indian feel. These designs have also been made into greeting cards. 
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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Birmingham ArtsFest 2011

ArtsFest is one of the UK's biggest, most popular urban festivals. With over 600 events there's something at ArtsFest for everyone to enjoy! So no wonder I was excited when my application was successful for me to exhibit & sell my artwork there. Here are some of my own photos of the day:

My lovely colourful & cute mini greeting cards! Inspired by nature, love, Indian culture & anything whimsical. 
More cute mini greeting cards just hanging on the railings! 
Just some of my artwork which includes framed & unframed photos, paintings, prints, drawings & those cute mini greeting cards. 
Some of my paintings, prints & mini greeting cards inspired by nature, love, Indian culture & anything whimsical
More framed artwork. 
Some artwork has been framed in black to add that finishing touch. Some of these designs have been used to create my greeting cards. 
My table with some of my drawings, paintings, prints & photos. 
All images are copyright to Sharonjeet Galsinh

Monday, 16 January 2012

Volkswagen Beetle Inspired Art

I really love the old Volkswagen Beetles & Camper vans iconic of 1960's. They're uniquefull of character & are one of the most photographed cars in the world. They symbolise what the sixties is all about - love, freedom, travel, fun & adventure. That's why I love them, plus they look good too! They've been the inspiration for my VW Beetle greeting cards. I've also created a hand painted print for the Beetle lovers! 

My VW Beetle cards are inspired from my love of 1960's art & culture & VW Beetles & camper vans. My favourite design is the rainbow background one, the colours also reflect the 60's era. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

1960's Inspired Mini Greeting Cards

As well as my Indian inspired mini greeting cards with matching coloured envelopes I'm also inspired by 1960's art & culture - in particular the bright coloured shapes, the VW Beetle & Campervan & generally as the decade that represents love. My cards can be used for any occasion & I've been told are really cute! I plan to open an online shop soon to sell my cards, prints & paintings. Here are some of my 60's inspired designs which have a bit of a whimsical feel which I love

I love 1960's culture & so created Beetle inspired designs. I had a few ideas & couldn't decide which one to use so created a few versions based on the same Beetle. Though the rainbow background one's my favourite as I love colours & rainbows & think it reflects the 60's. 
 All artwork © SHARONJEET GALSINH 2011

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Birmingham ArtsFest 2011

Last year I was really excited to exhibit & sell my artwork at Birmingham's ArtsFest. ArtsFest is one of the UK's biggest, most popular urban festivals. It's also the UK's biggest FREE arts festival which is made up of 600 events, ranging from ballet to Bhangra, dub poetry to indie rock.

It features performance, workshops, exhibitions, talks & screenings, across the performing, visual & digital arts genres. There's something at ArtsFest for everyone to enjoy! 

To see all the fun at Birmingham's ArtsFest click below & view some photos - look out for Monsoon Arts & Photography! 

Click me to view photos of Birmingham's ArtsFest 2011

Friday, 6 January 2012

Meeting Inspiring People - BBC's Mark Speight

I really like it when life gives me the opportunity to meet really inspiring people, people who make me want to achieve more. I recently had the pleasure of meeting the father of the late Mark Speight. Mark's well known for being one of the top presenters of the BBC's highly rated children’s show SMart. He was certainly right when he said always do what you want to do, don't listen to what others tell you to do as you'll be better at doing what makes you happy. See people can make money from being an artist when they're alive! 

Mark Speight
Image taken from speightoftheart.org.uk
Click to visit the Mark Speight Foundation