Saturday, 29 September 2012

My Cute Mini Greeting Cards - Indian Inspired

I create really cute mini greeting cards with matching coloured envelopes. They're great for any occasion as they're left blank inside for you to write your own message. Why not send one to tell someone special how much you LOVE them or to tell that beautiful stranger how you feel! 
New designs to be added soon! 

Have your own Customised Cards & Invitations
I also create customised designs for your own special occasion in whichever style you wish, whether this be sophisticated, romantic, quirky . . . 

As well as birthdays, my customised blank cards are ideal for Thank you's & invitations including children's parties, engagements, anniversaries or perhaps just to send a note or special message. Choose from a huge range of envelope colours to match your design. 
My greeting cards with matching envelopes, inspired by my Indian culture & sister's wedding. Great for any occasion or to send someone a note or message. 
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Sunday, 9 September 2012

London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Inspiration

I get really inspired by events like the London Paralympic and Olympics, they really do "Inspire a generation."
Nearly 27m people watched the Olympic opening ceremony making it one of the most watched programmes in history! It's fair to describe The Games as "the greatest show on earth." 

Performers carry umbrellas during the Opening Ceremony
The hundreds of performers create a sea of umbrellas. Image from:
The ceremonies are a great way to celebrate everything The Games are about. From British history and texts from Shakespeare, to flying performers, fireworks and also Stephen Hawking who said the Paralympic Games is about transforming our perception of the world

Members of the Armed Forces carry the Union Jack flag
The London Paralympic opening ceremony was set to the theme of enlightenment and offers a more deeper kind of inspiration. What inspires me is the story behind each athlete, they serve as an inspiration to us all. Some are disabled from birth, others have suffered terrible accidents, some the victims of terrorist attacks and others ex-service military men and woman, yet they stay determined to achieve what they want. 

The Cauldron, all lit up marking the start of The Games. Image from:
I've enjoyed watching The Games, getting inspired and also being able to share the wonderful journeys of the athletes. I'm sure the closing ceremony "The Festival of Flame" will be just as inspiring for me and many others around the world!!

Fireworks display marking the start of The Games. Image from:

I'd like to share the words spoken by professor Stephen Hawking at the opening ceremony: 

"What is important is that we have the ability to create. This creativity can take many forms from physical achievement to theoretical physics. However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at." 

"The Games provide an opportunity for athletes to excel, to stretch themselves and become outstanding in their field. So let us together celebrate excellence, friendship and respect. Good luck to all."