Thursday, 29 December 2011

Happy New Year! New start . . . New ART

Happy New Year! It's that time when everyone looks for change in their life, new inspirations, new beginnings - after all January 1st brings with it a new year & a chance to encourage change.

For me 2012 Means:
New art, photography & looking for new inspirations (amongst other things). I first fell in love with art the day I was handed a paintbrush at Playbus & knew that this was what I wanted to do. Though not everyone's supported me for being an artist / photographer & I've even been told "don't artists usually make money from their art when they're dead?" I ignore them knowing that this is my passion. A passion which is fun, creative & allows me to express the things I love & the world around me too & in some cases reach thousands of people from a busy public corridor, other cities & even on a double decker bus & train! Exciting! 

I'm a dreamer so I'll continue to dream, believe & achieve & who knows where my art will go. And maybe next year this time I'd have just finished celebrating the new year & welcoming in 2013 at Sydney's Harbour party! We can all dream!

Monsoon Arts & Photography

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Lots of left over Christmas wrapping paper?

Find yourself with lots of left over Christmas wrapping paper? There are many other uses for unwanted wrapping paper which are ideal for children's craftsCutting out a Christmas scene & pasting it onto plain card makes a lovely handmade Christmas card. Use red or green card instead of white card to add a festive feel. Felt tips, crayons & glitter pens can finish off the design. Think of other things to add on like cut out Christmas text & ribbons. You can also create a collage from the cut out scenes as well as using patterned paper which work well in different ways. 

You can also recycle your old Christmas cards by cutting out the pictures & using glue pads to stick them on the plain card to make new Xmas cards  for next year. Or use the pictures as gift tags. 
Recycling Christmas cards & wrapping paper to make new Xmas cards & gift tags.
Copyright image taken from artful-adventures
These & other children's Christmas arts & craft projects involve reusing items around the home to make lovely handmade gifts. They're also nice projects that keep children busy during their holidays. 

Thursday, 22 December 2011

My Christmas Cards

One of my mini Christmas card designs that I sold at an Xmas crafts fair earlier this month. 
One of my Christmas card designs

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Hello, welcome & Merry Christmas!

I'm Sharon, I create colourful & vibrant paintings, photos & cute mini greeting cards. In my blogs you can: 
  • Get art tips & ideas so you can learn & try new techniques yourself. 
  • Receive ideas on art projects for children to enjoy to keep them inspired & allow their creativity to grow. 
  • Get a glimpse into my studio & see what I'm working on. 
  • See what inspires me from other artists/photographers, cultural places I like to visit & how I get my ideas. 
  • See what materials & techniques I'm using. 
  • Read what challenges I've encountered. 
Monsoon Arts & Photography

You can also like my Facebook page to see my latest designs as well as dates/times/venues of my next shows, exhibitions, fairs, festivals & table top events, along with photos. 

I'll soon be creating an online shop to sell my paintings, photos & greeting cards so look out for that.

Meanwhile I wish everyone a festive & fun filled Merry Christmas.