About my Blog - Monsoon Arts & Photography

Hello! I'm Sharon, I have a passion for arts, photography, graphic design & anything creative. I've studied photography and graduated in graphic design. I now create colourful vibrant paintings, photos & cute mini greeting cards. 

In my blogs you can: 
  • Get art tips & ideas so you can learn & try new techniques yourself. 
  • Get ideas on fun art projects for children to enjoy to help keep them inspired and allow their creativity to grow. 
  • Get a glimpse into my studio & see what I'm working on. 
  • See what inspires me from other artists/photographers, cultural places & how I get my ideas. 
  • See what materials & techniques I'm using. 
  • Read what challenges I've encountered. 
You can also like my Facebook page Facebook.com/MonsoonArtsAndPhotography to see my latest designs as well as dates/times/venues of my next shows, exhibitions, fairs festivals along with photos. 

I'll soon be creating an online shop to sell my paintings, photographs, prints & mini greeting cards, so look out for that. I look forward to seeing you all around the site too, be sure to say hello! 

Monsoon Arts & Photography