Thursday, 9 April 2015

My Henna and Art Workshops

I really enjoy delivering creative workshops to allow people to have a go at henna or different arts and crafts. I run these in various local places like community centres, schools, churches, museums stay and play groups and more! 

One of my Henna workshops in a church. 
These photos are from one of my henna workshops through Birmingham Ikon Gallery, held with the Friendship Club for the Retired group at St Edburgha's Church. 

One of the members having a go at watercolour painting. 
These workshops were based on my masterclass with Artist if the year Imran Qureshi. 

Someone enjoying doing henna for the first time. 
Send me an email if you would like a art or henna workshop:

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Masterclass: Deutsche Bank Artist of the Year

I had a unique opportunity to attend a miniature portrait painting masterclass with Deutsche Bank Artist of the Year, Imran Qureshi. Sitting on the floor in the painting studio created such a relaxed environment to paint in. 

My miniature tree painting inspired by Imran Qureshi. 

Pakistani born Qureshi paints trees and leaves, some of which are adorned with gold leaf. It's important to use natural ingredients and materials in the process of creating the art. For example to make the glue for the wasli paper making process we slowly heated flour and water. Qureshi said . . . 
"for me, when I make my own wasli paper I have started my painting". 
My miniature painting using a size "0" brush. 

Qureshi has created site installations for museums in New York, Sydney and Sharjah where he painted the gallery floors and walls with intricate flowers. 

My henna inspired miniature painting. 

Since the masterclass we have run a series of workshops in places like schools, community centres and churches to pass our knowledge. It was then great to see all our artwork in an exhibition at Birmingham's Ikon Gallery, below. 


Below, some of the artwork from our children's workshop in a community centre. 

Our artwork playing on the projector at our "Love Hobmoor Community Centre" event.

Artwork from our children's workshops in a community Centre. 

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