Sunday, 9 December 2012

Mini Christmas Cards

Looking for some cute mini Christmas cards this year? I create cute mini Xmas cards. Here are my new designs which I've just added to my display at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital
Christmas tree made up of shining stars. 
Designs featuring Christmas baubles, santa and snowy trees. 
Designs featuring snowmen and snowflakes. 
More shining Christmas trees and snowflakes. 
Cards can be purchased in a varity pack of any size you wish, at a reduced price. 

I also create mini greeting cards with matching coloured envelopes, great for any occasion. Send one to tell someone special how much you LOVE them or to tell that beautiful stranger how you feel!

I can create customised designs for your own special occasion in whichever style you wish, whether this be sophisticated, romantic, quirky & so on. These will be with a minimum order of 20 cards. As well as birthdays, my customised blank cards are ideal for Thank You's & invitations including children's parties.

If you'd like your own customised mini cards, get in touch:
Fan page:

Monday, 3 December 2012

Caption This - Photo of my Cute Puppy

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My cute little puppy
My photo of my young puppy on her first day she ever stepped out onto grass. Although she was very excited & running around, I wanted to capture her inquisitive side. Come & write your captions here or on my "Inspires Me" album in my fan page: 

Click here to caption my photo in my "Inspires Me" fan page album