Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Inspiration - Dogs

Dogs - they sure do inspire me. Only those who have had their own dog can truly understand the love, loyalty, intelligence & amazement of dogs. I really believe that looking after or walking someone else's dog just isn't the same as having your own dog that lives with you. As your dog will only show most loyalty and love to you, not someone who comes and goes and doesn't really know / understand them. 

But with the sad events of 3 months ago Azza the Akita & Emerald the Labrador just seem to know and understand what's happened and so act differently towards me now in a way I cannot completely explain. And now I've also got to know a Pyrenean mountain dog & a German Shepherd. Dogs really amaze me. I've had one my whole life but they still know how to touch my heart. 

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