Sunday, 24 June 2012

Photo Restoration and Enhancement

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In need of photo restoration & enhancement? I can: 

Alternatively I can create an old feel to a new photo.
Copyright photo by SHARONJEET GALSINH
  • Photo Restoration: Remove a torn, crease, stains, scratches, restore colour into old faded photos. 
  • Colour Correction: Correcting discoloured images due to flash/no flash, filament bulbs, over/under exposure. 
  • Photo Enhancement: Changing brightness or contrast. 
I can further manipulate your photo with filters and effects for a more interesting old look. 
Copyright photo by SHARONJEET GALSINH
If you'd like to restore & bring an old photo back to life again or alternatively create an old feel to a new photo, send me an email: Sharon_Kerala@Hotmail.Com

Colour can be changed and borders added.
Copyright photo by SHARONJEET GALSINH


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  2. Hi Scott

    I agree photography and paintings really help add beauty to any room. I also do bright, colourful and vibrant watercolour paintings and photography at affordable prices.