Friday, 17 August 2012

British Inspired Artwork for Sale

It's been a Great British summer with the Jubilee, Euro 2012 & London 2012 Olympics. It's no wonder this summer's inspired me to create new artwork. 

My new British inspired artwork is a mix of computer generated art, photography and sketching and is on sale and on display in my exhibition at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital. 

My Union Jack with British icon the Mini says best of British. It's a mix of photography, sketches & computer generated art. On display & on sale in my current exhibition.
My style isn't fine art, but a more quirky, fun, vibrant and colourful art for the young and old alike and at reasonable prices too. 

Visit the photo area of my fan page to see a small selection of my artwork ranging from paintings, photography, greeting cards and graphic designing:

As always contact me if there's anything specific you would like or if you are interested in purchasing any art or need a graphic designer: 

Fan page:


  1. Every person can make inspiration from natural or human created things birds and animals also inspiration for human, but every one can't make any inspiration, only some person can make inspiration to living or non living things but only few person follow them in their life, you have done great work. you have taken a great inspiration and made a unique print.

    framed wall art

  2. Hello & Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Really nice words. I do get inspired by the world around me and that motivates me to create new art.

    Please visit again soon.