Saturday, 22 June 2013

My Photography Exhibition

I am happy to say my new photography exhibition is now up on public display and is one of my biggest ones yet! 

My exhibition is located in the main glass corridor at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital. 

I am a Nature Lover and love flowers, so many of my photos from this collection were shot in my garden. They capture the beautiful colours of Summer in full bloom - bringing sunshine, colour and warmth to your home, whilst also evoking memories of Summers gone by. 
One of my larger sized framed prints. 
Please look through my photos and if there is a print you like please get in touch on the details at the bottom of this post as all artwork is on sale and comes framed and ready to hang. 

I have a variety of colours and images for you to choose from - Sure to brighten up any room. 
My display plaque showing my Artist Statement. 
As well as smaller prints I also have some large sized framed prints too. 
Bold, colourful and vibrant. This Sunflower sure knows how to add some interest to this boring blank wall! 
If you're a nature lover or fan of colours like me, how about this bold red - orange flower to make a statement? 
All artwork comes framed and ready for you to hang. 
If you have found something you like the look of or if there's a bold, vibrant print that can make a statement to one of your walls, please get in touch: 

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