Monday, 23 April 2012

Arts and Photography Exhibition

I am really excited to say that I have now been given the go ahead for my next arts and photography exhibition! So I am now getting ready to start preparing artwork and am really looking forward to it! Dates still need to be finalised but all that needs doing is me getting my artwork ready and framed. 
"Hope to see you all soon!"

My artwork that was part of an exhibition. It was such a nice feeling to know my art was reaching many people. 
The photo above is of some of my framed artwork that was part of 4 month long exhibition. It's such a nice feeling and achievement for me to know that my art reached many thousands of people. It's so nice to see the kind of artwork other people are also creating, I can see their passion. It's inspiring and makes me more ambitious! 

Art was hung in a main public corridor viewable by hundreds of people who walked through daily. 

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