Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Happy Birthday - My Gorgeous German Shepherd

Today's my gorgeous German Shepherd's Birthday - My trusted best friend to the end. Loyal, intelligent, caring, protective and funny are just some of the words I use to describe her. With an unbreakable bond so very deep and strong it goes far beyond any words I can use to describe it. So on this day it only seems right to share with you just some of my photos, though they really don't do enough to show all her amazing qualities. Enjoy. 

My gorgeous German Shepherd - "The King of Dogs" as I say. My favourite breed. 
© Copyright 2013 By Sharonjeet Galsinh
My Ultimate Favourite Dog Bread: 
The German Shepherd Dog. In my eyes it cannot be matched. It's why I call them the "THE KING OF DOGS" & why 10 out of my 12 dogs I've had since I was born have been the GSD. "Love them!" 

Being a true dog owner: 
It's not just about feeding, walking, playing with, grooming and even Googling dog facts that you proudly tell other dog owners about - No way! We don't need Google. It's more about the many true things you know about dogs simply through growing up with and spending time with your own dog, not your neighbour's dog. It's having actual experiences with them that touch your heart forever, not through someone else's words read on the internet. As quite simply, you cannot compare it as you haven't truly experienced it. 

My trusted best friend. Loyal, intelligent, caring, protective and funny. 
© Copyright 2013 By Sharonjeet Galsinh
Being a true dog owner is knowing what your dog is thinking and feeling (I don't mean "I'm hungry" or "I'd like a walk" talk.) But it's even about being able to pick up when your dog is letting you know that within the next month or 2 they will no longer be here and it's time for you to start preparing your goodbyes as it's soon time for your unbreakable lifelong paths to part, even though there are no signs or symptoms of illness . . . yet. I truly don't think everyone can pick this up. 

Arh so cute! 
© Copyright 2011 By Sharonjeet Galsinh
I thought my over imaginative mind was on over drive, but my dog was quite simply letting me know and giving me time to prepare myself for us to say our last "goodbye". It was plain to see for me but was too blind to see for everyone else. All started to make sense soon after and it was only a matter of time (well 4 weeks). 3 weeks later all were still blind. 

Funny, comical & always knowing how to make me smile everyday. 
© Copyright 2013 By Sharonjeet Galsinh

Then the dreaded day arrived. She plucked all her strength to walk tall & welcome us all, despite all her obvious overwhelming pain. Moments later, after the last goodbyes, as she took her final breathes, she looked so very deeply into my eyes, so happy, letting me know all was good & well. Happy & ready to be on her way . . . her face fell down into my hands. I looked into her big brown almond eyes - she was gone. 

After all, "It's far more compelling to leap rather than to just hang onto the edge."

I can now look back with a stronger sense of feeling proud rather than sadness, for an intelligent loyal dog that I know I raised pretty well to the end. I'm left with fond memories that I truly believe not everyone can actually comprehend.

"A hug a day keeps the vets away." Me with my protective dog.
And she said "Hurt her and I will bring harm to you." 

© Copyright 2013 By Sharonjeet Galsinh

"She took my heart and ran with it, I hope she's still running, fast and strong, a piece of my heart bound up with hers forever." 
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  1. Lovely pics. Really feel your emotions through your words.